Owner Requests

Maintenance Requests and General Inquiries: Please submit all HOA requests by clicking here and then clicking on "New Support Ticket". 
Unit Modification Requests: All modifications to the exterior of the buildings must be approved by the Board. If you wish to modify your unit (patio, water heater vent pipes, etc.), then please submit the online application posted here.
Parking Tags: Each Unit is entitled to two parking tags which must be hung from the rear view mirror when parked on the streets in Fox Point.  If your tag is missing or damaged, then you may request a replacement by submitting a ticket here.  The cost for each replacement tag is $37.50 which will be billed to your account. New owners should make sure to obtain parking tags from sellers.
Mailboxes: Problems with your mail/mailbox should be directed to the Park Avenue Post Office.  The Postal Services manages the mailbox keys and all mail issues.
Garden Adoption: Owners interested in modifying or expanding their garden or landscaping must obtain Board approval. Please submit the online request form posted here
Tree Planting: The Policy Handbook states “The selection, trimming, planting, spraying, and care of all trees are the responsibility of the Association. Owners may not plant a tree or take any actions related to tree care.” Notwithstanding this policy, owner(s) may submit a formal written application to have a tree planted by the Association, at the owner’s expense (including the cost of the tree and planting of the tree). Owners in the building of the owner(s) requesting approval to have a tree planted, owners of adjacent buildings and those in other buildings potentially affected by view blockage must agree to the tree type and location. Please submit the online request form posted here