HOA Documents

Day to Day Documents:
Governing Documents:
   Plat Map
   Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions: Complete CC&R (Third Amended)
   Air Rights Declaration
   Policy & Procedures regarding decks and plumbing in units above commercial space
    2024 Budget
    2023 Budget
    2022 Budget
    2021 Budget
    2020 Budget
    2019 Budget
    2018 Budget
    2017 Budget
2024 Roof Replacement Special Assessment by Unit
Reserve Study: The latest copy of the reserve study can be found here: 2021 Reserve Study
Annual Meeting Minutes: The approved annual meeting minutes can be found here: Approved Annual Meeting Minutes
Annual Meeting Presentations: 
2024 Annual Meeting Presentation
2023 Annual Meeting Presentation 
2022 Annual Meeting Presentation
2021 Annual Meeting Presentation
2020 Annual Meeting Presentation
Board Meeting Minutes: The approved board meeting minutes can be found here: Approved Board Meeting Minutes

    2023 Balance Sheet
    2023 Budget vs. Actual
    2022 Balance Sheet
    2022 Budget vs. Actual    
    2021 Balance Sheet
    2021 Budget vs. Actual