HOA Documents

Day to Day Documents:
Governing Documents:
   Plat Map
   Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions: Complete CC&R (Third Amended)
   Air Rights Declaration
   Policy & Procedures regarding decks and plumbing in units above commercial space
    2024 Budget
    2023 Budget
    2022 Budget
2024 Roof Replacement Special Assessment by Unit
Reserve Study: The latest copy of the reserve study can be found here: 2021 Reserve Study
Annual Meeting Minutes: The approved annual meeting minutes can be found here: Approved Annual Meeting Minutes
Annual Meeting Presentations: 
2024 Annual Meeting Presentation
2023 Annual Meeting Presentation 
2022 Annual Meeting Presentation
2021 Annual Meeting Presentation
2020 Annual Meeting Presentation
Board Meeting Minutes: The approved board meeting minutes can be found here: Approved Board Meeting Minutes

    2023 Balance Sheet
    2023 Budget vs. Actual
    2022 Balance Sheet
    2022 Budget vs. Actual    
    2021 Balance Sheet
    2021 Budget vs. Actual