Welcome to Fox Point! This website is for Owners of the Fox Point at Redstone Association, Inc. and contains useful information for owning in Fox Point. 
Fox Point is a residential community close to the Utah Olympic Park and minutes to downtown Park City and two world-class ski resorts (Park City Mountain and Deer Valley). The southern side of the property borders the Swaner Nature Preserve, a 1,200-acre protected wildlife area with an impressive EcoCenter nearby.
Leave your vehicle behind as everything you may need is either a short walk from your condo or a quick ride on the free bus system or bicycle. You are close to:
* Supermarkets, dry cleaners, banks, exercise facilities, Post Office, UPS
* Multiplex movie theater, Utah liquor store
* Excellent restaurants, coffee vendors, stores of all kinds
* Both public and private fitness facilities
* Best Buy; cell phone stores; etc.
* Paved sidewalks, bicycle trails, groomed ski and skating trails
* Emergency facilities, physicians of every kind, dentists, major hospital
Across State Road 224 are Whole Foods, miscellaneous shops and eateries, Walmart, Summit County Library and DMV, Staples, Big 5 Sporting Goods and an Outlet Mall.
Rules & Regulations
The Rules & Regulations contain information residents need to know about living in Fox Point and answers most of the questions regarding life in the HOA.  Remember, the HOA owns the actual buildings and grounds in the Community and you must seek permission from the Board to do anything that affects in any way those buildings and grounds.
Please include a clause in your rental and lease agreements that informs renters that they must adhere to all Association policies. Owners are responsible for the actions and policy violations of renters. 
HOA Maintenance Emergencies:
Owners should immediately call the Maintenance Manager at 801-310-4039. All other Emergencies, call 911.
After Hours Disturbances:
Call Summit County Sherriffs Department at 435-615-3600.
Off-leash/Problem Animals:
Call Summit County Animal Control: 435-615-3985.
HOA Smoke Alarms & Sprinkler Systems: Link here to information on the smoke alarms and fire suppression systems. 
Gas Smell:
Be sure all items that emit gas are turned off.  If the smell continues, call Dominion Energy at 800-323-5517 immediately, then the Maintenance Manager.
Water, Gas & Electric Shut-off Valves:
As a precaution, be sure you know where shut-off valves are for each and every utility in your Unit.  Most are by toilets, under sinks, bottom of the fireplace, at the water heater, etc. and in your utility closet. They should be labeled and easily accessible. If you have renters, be sure they know where everything is in case of emergency.
Emergency Pamphlet: 
The Fox Point Emergency Pamphlet should be referenced in case of emergency. Please store in an easy to find location for any guests or renters. 
Owner Contact Info and Unit Access
The Fox Point Rules & Regulations state that the Owners must provide both the Maintenance Manager and the HOA Manager with current contact information, including a postal mailing address, email address, and phone number that enables the HOA to communicate with Owners in a timely manner. Owners must inform the HOA Manager of any change in contact information. In order to keep costs to a minimum, e-mail and the website serve as the principle modes of communication with Owners.
The Association's unit entry policy states that Owners must provide the Maintenance Manager with access to the inside of their units for scheduled repair and inspection activities. Owners can provide a Convenience Key or a keypad code as long as they complete the Unit Access Form
Insurance Information
The Association's Homeowner's Insurance Policy states that owners are responsible for covering the Association's insurance deductible for any casualty loss occurring within their units in accordance with the Utah Condominium Act, regardless of fault. The deductible amount is $25,000. Owners should have an individual homeowner's insurance policy that covers the Association's deductible amount. For more information, please access the insurance memo posted here. This memo includes the HOA's evidence of property insurance. 
Animal Rules at Fox Point
Fox Point has strict rules governing animals in the community. Please review the Rules & Regulations for more details. 
TV, Internet and Phone Services

Fox Point’s internet, television, and landline phone services are provided by Fastel—a communications carrier located in Salt Lake City. Fastel owns the cable inside and outside units and throughout Fox Point. This means other telecommunications carriers cannot operate within Fox Point. The agreement that Fox Point has with Fastel offers high internet speeds and rigorous performance and customer experience standards. Services are provided on an a la carte basis so that individual Owners and residents have flexibility in selecting among available services. There are two internet service speeds that residents can choose from. 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps. To obtain services from Fastel, send an email to:, or call them at 801-322-3278.

No other over-the-air-reception devices—satellite dishes, Internet equipment can be erected or maintained in the Fox Point Community by individual Owners or their Agents unless the unit meets FCC rule protection requirements. For more information about FCC rules, contact the Management Company to receive a document detailing these requirements and related Fox Point rules.